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Introducing CultureConnect! The Future of How Organizations Transform into Inclusive Workplaces

Empower teams to make the everyday choices that shape your workplace culture

In fall of 2023, Culture Shift Team launched CultureConnect—an engagement and learning platform around inclusion and belonging. With CultureConnect, organizations provide people with education and tools to transform their workplace into a vibrant, inclusive community.

When we started the design process for CultureConnect, I put myself in other people's shoes and asked myself how I like to learn. While I like to be in charge of my content and make the choices about what I want to engage in, organizations need to tie education to the strategy. CultureConnect delivers a balanced approach that meets the needs of both the individual self-charged learner and the organization’s need for a clearly defined pathway to move forward.

For somebody like me and my individual educational needs and preferences, CultureConnect provides microlearning that fits my schedule. We have to face the reality that it is very difficult to motivate employees to learn and participate in lengthy 3-hour trainings. With CultureConnect, employees have access to a wide range of microlearnings including articles, podcast recommendations, videos, movies, books and live book clubs. It’s engaging, lively education versus static microlearning.

When people leave work they're listening to podcasts on their way home. They're watching the news and they want to do a deeper dive into something they’ve heard. They want to know what is truly working for people. The stories behind the numbers. Thats how people engage with new information now. CultureConnect builds upon how people want to learn today. We put all these types of learning resources in one place where people can choose what fits them best.


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