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The Catalyst for CultureConnect’s Curated User Experience

The Catalyst for CultureConnect’s Curated User Experience:

A Digital Space Where You’re Going to Love the Way You Learn

Culture Shift Team has recently launched CultureConnect, a revolutionary digital engagement and learning platform that transforms diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and belonging (DEIAB) education into an engaging user-curated experience.

With CultureConnect, leaders create a connected, inclusive culture that fosters healthy workplace environments where everyone can thrive. Chief Strategy Officer Robert L. Wilson, shares the origin of how CultureConnect, developed with users’ diverse learning needs and preferences, stands at the forefront of innovation.

Helping leaders and their teams deepen their understanding of how to create more inclusive workplace communities is work that I am passionate about because I have seen the results. However, the way we have traditionally delivered that education needed revamping to be more effective and enjoyable. A few years ago, there was a clear acknowledgment from Culture Shift Team COO Ann Gillespie and myself (CSO Robert L. Wilson) that what we were doing with training was not as effective as it could be. The idea of educating people one time for three hours is not a stand-alone solution that effectively brings about the change people within organizations are seeking.

Even when it is positive and for the better, change is hard. Advancing inclusion, belonging, equity and accessibility is very much a type of change management. Clients need a tool for the duration of the shift to DEI, that acknowledges not everyone is at the same place on the journey, that there are differing needs, priorities and perspectives — not to mention different learning styles and preferences. Validating our observations on the need for improvement, researchers and studies have identified the shortfalls of traditional training approaches. Using data to drive strategy is a core principle of ours at CST.

One-time sessions spark awareness for people, but if you really want to create a lasting impact on people in their educational journey, you need a way to continue that educational process with them. There was nothing really out there that did that besides the e-learning curriculum, and honestly, e-learning is not something that you wake up in the morning and say, “I can't wait to take that e-learning course.”

We asked ourselves a lot of questions about how we can create better experiences and better impact:

  • How can we make this an ongoing educational process rather than a one-and-done approach?

  • How can we engage people and keep them engaged?

  • Can we make this interesting or even dare we say…fun?

  • How do we create bite-sized content that people can fit into their day?

Our goal at CST was to tap into how people already engage with media. When people leave work, they're listening to podcasts on their way home. They're watching the news and they want to do a deeper dive into something they’ve heard. They want to know what is truly working for people– the stories behind the numbers. That's how people engage with new information now. We designed CultureConnect to build upon how people want to learn today. We put all these types of learning resources in one place where people can choose what fits them best.

What works more than any other format of training for our world today is technology-based training, and the next step beyond an e-learning curriculum is a digital space that provides multimedia experiences and resources for a robust DEI education. This is the future. This is why we developed CultureConnect to meet people where they are and support the diverse learning styles and interests that employees have in every organization. With collaborative features, this platform brings people together.

The engineer side of myself wants to create a solution that makes sense given all of these variables. At the heart of the matter, CultureConnect is about creating spaces where we come together, knowing we are not only safe but also in a place where everyone can thrive. I want that for my loved ones and for myself, and I know that people want the same healthy thriving workplaces for themselves and their loved ones too.


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