CultureConnect is a blended strategic marketing approach to spark and sustain community interest from your multicultural markets. Our approach combines traditional with tailored community branding and customer experience marketing strategy. CultureConnect allows for the creation of unique, exclusive opportunities to showcase your retail operations while also building authentic, sustainable relationships with key community stakeholders.


  • Local market assessment

  • In-store customer experience

  • Customer and employee focus groups

  • Marketing tools review

  • Employee cultural competence

CultureConnect helps tailor the customer

experience for the growing Latino population

in your market. The more your retail operation

is engaged, the more traffic will increase.



The CultureConnect team identifies low

hanging fruit, which can have an immediate

impact on Latino conversions.

How will CultureConnect increase your market share?

Expand your retail operation’s brand awareness and share of voice into the fastest growing market in your area.

Develop authentic relationships that drive the Latino sales experience.

Create trust with a demographic known for being loyal multi-generational customers.

Leverage intentional, culturally accurate marketing tools and community connections.

Services to Increase Share of Voice:

The CultureConnect process assesses opportunities to increase or

improve sales and marketing, customer experience, brand opinion and share of voice.



In-store Customer Experience Assessment

Short-term and Long-term Recommendations

Six-Month Post Assessment

You can also find the downloadable PDF files below:


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