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Empower leaders and teams to advance diversity, inclusion and equity. CST’s DEI education series focuses on DEI as part of rigorous business and leadership acumen. Inspire leaders and help move the middle by showing the power of DEI, unveiling the lines of code in our brains that make DEI difficult, and define the competencies, behaviors and actions that drive DEI forward.


This foundational training introduces the T-I-G MODEL which defines the fundamental links between the key business drivers of TRUST, INNOVATION, and GROWTH along with the ways in which diversity, equity and inclusion impact them. Using this model, leaders and teams can evaluate and align their activities with operational and market opportunities for performance improvement and top-line growth.


Building cultural agility makes people, processes, and practices a little smarter. Based on leading data-driven cultural models, the Multicultural Lens  offers a simplified framework for navigating the hidden rules of culture and cultural change. The MCL tool helps build awareness of cultural dynamics in terms of self, teams, clients and the organization.


Extreme polarization and differences in lived experience comes with us into our organizations, our workplaces and in our educational spaces. We increasingly find it difficult to build bridges across differences. So why is it so hard to broach difficult topics? How does our work and our organizations suffer when we are unable to do so? Combined with Reflective Dialogue, this session examines the dynamics of courageous conversations and conducts an in-workshop simulation on how to effectively listen and dialogue.



Effective communication and marketing for a multicultural, multigenerational nation begins with decoding the cultural DNA of the audiences. Communicating Across Cultures training session helps participants understand the difference between language-driven and culture-driven approaches, how to define cultural expectations of a target audience, and how to establish key pillars to drive a successful communication strategy.


Aligning ERGs to the organization's mission is one of the most powerful ways to synergize success for all. Workshops prepare leaders to build consensus, to hone goals and activities, and to tell the story of how they advance DEI within the organization.


In the context of stereotypes, privilege and microaggressions, the Implicit Bias Algorithm training helps people and organizations understand the brain science behind how human cognitive processes can turn into bias -- and the negative impacts that can cause. Participants learn about inclusion derailers and how to mitigate bias to improve relationships, leadership and organizational effectiveness.


Conflict resolution is often the missing piece of DEI strategy. Learn how to intervene or mitigate bias as it is happening and restore trust. How we manage conflict directly impacts the health and psychological safety of our workplace communities. Harms like microaggressions impact job performance and job satisfaction. Traditional anti-harassment policies and procedures often fail to provide a constructive way to address harms that are harder to detect, like microaggressions. Community accountability provides a new approach to disrupting these DEI derailers and build trust.


How can organizations prepare leaders and teams to develop the habits and behaviors that advance inclusion and equity, when everyone is at a different place on the their personal journey? CST’s Inclusion Ambassador Model touches on seven key areas: awareness, trust-up, skill-up, commitment, action, engagement and championing DEI. A self-assessment helps leaders and teams identify areas to improve. An accountability partner and personal action plan ensure participants walk away with clarity around next steps.


Equip leaders with both the confidence and competence to lead inclusively. CST offers small group and one-on-one coaching sessions to prepare leaders, answer questions, and develop an authentic, signature approach to DEI.

"Thank you for a wonderful training and awareness class you provided to us at the Barbershop Harmony Society! We're all still talking about the training two weeks later. Your enthusiasm, understanding and business approach/mindset was extremely effective and I can tell our employees have retained a lot of the stories and content you provided. I look forward to our next engagement with the Culture Shift Team."

- Marty Monson
CEO/Executive Director
Barbershop Harmony Society

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