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Diverse and Inclusive Campaign
for Sexual Assault Center in Tennessee

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Project: Crisis Line Public Service Announcement 

Client Company: Victims of Crime Act Grant, Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs (OCJP) and the Sexual Assault Center

Dates of project: 2021 - 2022

Type of Project: PSA TV Media Campaign with support on social media and out-of-home advertising

The Challenge:

Crisis line data indicated that calls requesting help were lowest among communities of color and from the LGBTQ+ community.

Complicating Factors and Solutions:

Cultural norms inhibit survivors from the LGBTQ+, Black, Hispanic, and Arabic communities from acknowledging the assault, discussing the impact, and reaching out for help.    
The goal of the campaign was to convey that the Crisis Line is a safe space for all survivors. The PSA prominently featured individuals from the LGBTQ+ community and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, ensuring that every survivor could see themselves represented.

Misconceptions that the Crisis Line is for reporting recent assaults or is the same as reporting the assault to the police.
The campaign featured people sharing the impact of past assaults on their everyday lives and educated them about what happens when they call.

The funding agency experienced budget cuts, which in turn resulted in project budget cuts, while the statewide broadcast requirements to Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville remained in force.   
CST used demographic data to determine how to distribute the budget for impact. Supported the mandatory TV buy with social media ad buy targeted by zip codes.

Culture Shift Team Approach: 
CST worked with Crisis Line staff to better understand the process, data, challenges the call center faced in reaching all audiences, and understanding common misconceptions that inhibited utilization. CST learned that the tone of the campaign must avoid a fear-based approach and instead needed a gentle encouragement and empowering approach with survivors that reflects a typical day in the life of a survivor.


CST’s approach focused on survivors in various day-to-day scenarios, activities, and conversations to show how sexual assault affects all aspects of people’s lives. 

The PSA encouraged survivors to call by showing what happens for the actors when they sought out resources via the Crisis Line: relief from the intrusive thoughts that disrupted their everyday lives. 


Market Research & Consulting

  • Define Target Audiences: Geographic & Demographic Quantitative and

  • Qualitative Data, Cultural Pillars, Acculturation Level, and Language

  • Develop main message and adapt to media tools

  • Language Services (Translations and Transcreations)

Media Buy & Placement

  • Traditional Media (TV, Radio, Printed)

  • Social Media advertising (Multicultural and Multilingual)

  • Out-of-home (billboards, buses, bus benches and bus stops)

Assets Production

  • Story development

  • Video Storyboard

  • Video Script

  • Graphic Design

  • Photography

  • Video Production

  • Music Production

  • Voice -Over Talent

  • Translations and Trancreations 

  • Video Editing

  • Print posters for high schools

Media Planning & Management

  • Research of media outlets and opportunities to match the objective of the campaign

  • Help the client determine which media platforms will have a better ROI

  • Develop a media buy plan and budget (Media buy cost not included)

  • Meetings with media outlets

  • Manage the development of ad assets for each media outlet

  • Manage delivery schedule of ad assets for each media outlet

  • Oversee that the media plan is implemented by each media outlet


  • The campaign launched in the month of February  2022, and 30 days later the campaign had increased the number of calls to the Crisis Line by 50% compared to the same period of time the year prior.

  • The social media campaign garnered a very positive response with over 235,828 impressions in the same timeframe.

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