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Diverse and Inclusive PSA Campaign
for Sexual Assault Center in Tennessee

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The Sexual Assault Center in Tennessee engaged the services of Cutlure Shift Team to create a diverse and ​​inclusive campaign that would build trust in the Black/African American, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ community members to call their 24/7 statewide Help Line. The campaign included a 60-second TV PSA that aired in four main cities/ targeted hubs in the state of Tennessee: Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. The campaign also included social media posts and media buys on Facebook and Instagram targeting the same cities as the PSA.


With the PSA as the main creative of the campaign, Culture Shift Team brought in filmmakers Esteban Pedraza and Alex Qin. The approach was to show how sexual assault affects the lives of people on any given day and inform those affected about the Help Line as an accessible resource for them. The campaign included various day-to-day scenarios, activities, and types of conversations to show how sexual assault affects all aspects of people’s lives.



CST with filmmakers Pedraza and Qin implemented the following for the PSA and Social Media campaign:

  • Casted a diverse group of actors

  • Wrote a section of the script in Spanish

  • Produced an 80-second version of the PSA for SAC’s website and YouTube channel

  • Created two different 60-second spots for TV

  • Edited 15-second videos for social media

Culture Shift Team produced and managed the following for SAC:

  • Video production

  • Development of the media buy plan

  • Management of the media buy plan

  • Design of social media posts

  • Management of social media posts and social media buy plan



The campaign launched on February 7, 2022, and by March 7, 2022 the campaign had increased the number of calls to the Help Line by 50% compared to the same period of time the year prior. 


The social media campaign garnered a very positive response with over 235,828 impressions.

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You can reach our team at: ​or call +1 615.606.2772

Let us know how Culture Shift Team can help!

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