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Revolutionizing Inclusivity: A Deep Dive into CultureConnect

Revolutionizing Inclusivity: A Deep Dive into CultureConnect

From Gamification to ERG Billboards, CultureConnect is a Game-Changer

We’ve introduced CultureConnect and the catalyst for its curated user experience, now let’s break down the revolutionary functions of our engagement and education platform that will help advance your organization’s short-term and long-term goals for inclusion and belonging.

With CultureConnect’s five specialized features, you’ll quickly learn why CultureConnect is your next best tool for change management.

1. CultureConnect provides a collaboration hub.

Bringing people together in a more connected way is what we envisioned for DEI work within organizations. Back when I was leading DEI for Nissan North America, I learned this work is a PR job that needs a solid communication strategy to support the education strategy. This work requires an understanding of how people skill up and their motivation to do so. Three crucial factors come into play when we consider motivation: how we foster belonging, how that helps the team hit performance goals, and giving people a platform to share their own stories.

Many organizations use their intranet to communicate about DEI. Actually, the intranet is used to communicate on a variety of different topics to their employees, whether that be benefits or other things occurring in the organization such as logistical concerns about the cafeteria food or where to park for next week’s special function. Honestly, DEI gets lost. Organizations will have the ability to use the CultureConnect platform as an internal billboard, streaming channel and megaphone to call attention to DEI initiatives and their own events in addition to some of the content that we're going to share.

CultureConnect provides a collaboration hub that fosters an organizational learning community and supports employee resource group cohorts. The possibility of facilitating inclusion and discussion is set up much like an online university learning portal. We encourage organizations to maximize their customization settings for communication including the following:

  • Team collaborations: Build team activities and discussions on a particular topic that aligns with your organization.

  • Open communication channels for knowledge sharing: Curate which individuals, teams and departments have access to select channels of communication for inclusion activities and discussion related to their learning needs.

  • Provide 1:1 communication access: Individual users can communicate with their colleagues and engage in deeper discussions.

2. CultureConnect uses gamification and features a leaderboard.

Organizations, departments and employees will be able to earn points by engaging and to see where they rank. The leaderboard not only instills motivation and friendly competition between teams and departments to celebrate the shift that's happening in culture, but it allows for reward and recognition of those who are engaging the most. It’s a way to inspire positive behaviors and for organizations to give kudos to support their organizational values.

There is not a one size fits all approach for inclusion work, so CultureConnect is a playbook for clients where leaders can customize incentives for leaderboards. This gamification feature is strategic and aligned with company top priorities—customized to specific wants and needs for pathways.

CultureConnect’s curated gamification feature helps you align content and activity with your inclusion strategy. Set the points value and the incentives and adjust as needed. Points can be awarded for participation as well to increase incentives for content consumption, team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

3. CultureConnect is intelligent and learns from user preferences.

Like popular streaming TV platforms, CultureConnect knows what users are engaging with and will push more content tailored to the individual’s interests and learning preferences. For example, if there's a particular area of inclusion an employee is starting to engage with, CultureConnect will push more content related to that so the employee receives more information that supports their own educational journey.

4. CultureConnect supports community engagement for learning outcomes.

CST recognizes that when it comes to diversity, equity inclusion, at some point, we’ve got to go outside of our offices, homes and online spaces to experience some of the concepts and lessons we’re learning. Community partners and events offer education through shared experience. CultureConnect promotes localized opportunities. For example, engaging with a live music event honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, taking part in an exciting adaptive sport or recreation activity inclusive of people with disabilities, celebrating in a pride parade, or meeting new community members at an educational event related to the observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. CultureConnect alerts users to opportunities to engage in experiential learning. Our goal is to encourage community-based organizations and employees to build trust and relationships within their community and to enjoy community building.

5. CultureConnect pinpoints employees’ experiences.

With admin access, leaders have the option of adding surveys and polls as part of their dashboard for employees to assess in real time. Additionally, in-depth responses like pulse surveys, a bank of inclusion climate questions and resources, and Reflective Listening can be incorporated through your customized dashboard for everyone to engage in. We can aggregate data in many ways – we can use it to provide insights to your leadership about current concerns or things going really well. The metrics behind that work with the system are really important for understanding what experience your employees are having.

CultureConnect: A Game-Changer.
CultureConnect is truly an online learning community that helps users deepen understanding in ways to create inclusive and affirming spaces. The experience fosters two-way communication and conversations with multiple channels from colleagues to SMEs, collaboratives, and real time conversations.

Users can submit a case study problem or scenario that you want DEI experts to weigh in on, so we at Culture Shift Team can help you and the user experience. By sharing more insight into day to day interactions with us, we can better understand what your specific scenario looks like and then we can provide curated solutions to help guide those tricky situations: Like an advice column! If your scenario is chosen, you get a lot of bonus points for leaderboard.

With organizations now struggling to figure out how to maintain community in a hybrid work environment and world, CultureConnects provides a way for people to connect and to learn together and to put the learning into action. Community building is a long-term benefit of using our platform, especially in organizations where people are working from different facilities. Building community is how we build culture. CultureConnect is a powerful platform for the job.


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