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CST Free Workshop: Learn CST’s Four Signature Tools to Set Direction & Operationalize DEIAB

Does your organization already know the why behind DEIAB, but are struggling with the how? Tools to Lead is a workshop for action-oriented leaders to learn key data tools that bring the next-level clarity needed to set direction to advance inclusion and belonging in their organizations, presented by CST’s DEIAB client executives and strategists Eve Mannix and Jonathan Merrill.

Tools to Lead Workshop 

Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Time: 1pm - 2pm EST


No Cost

Space is limited!

Culture Shift Team’s Signature Tools provide tangible ways leaders can operationalize core competencies. The DEIAB Leadership Framework, based on the research of NYU Stern School of Business professor and psychologist Dolly Chugh, helps leaders put into practice the small changes, or nudges, that bring about meaningful change.

This interactive workshop will sample the following CST Signature Tools:


Leadership Readiness Survey, to inform education approach.

Inclusion Climate Survey, to measure peoples’ experience with belonging and inclusion.

Reflective Listening Framework, to elevate and transform voices into actionable data.

DEIAB Assessment, to build consensus and establish short- and near-term strategic priorities.

All participants will complete a pre-survey before the session. The session will include data analysis of this survey data, small group break out room discussions, and time for Q&A on applying data tools. 

We hope to see you there!


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