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Corporate Construction Bringing Employees Together

in Courageous Conversations

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Case Study: Corporate Construction Bringing Employees Together in Courageous Conversations



While the client corporation began to undertake the work of aligning inclusion, equity and increasing diversity to their overall business strategy, the client wanted to engage their employees in a meaningful way. They specifically did not want a training session that mirrored anti harassment training. Instead, they wanted to create safe spaces for employees to deepen understanding and therefore deepen trust with each other. 

In response to the growing importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the construction industry, a major national construction company sought to advance belonging and inclusion within their organization in a practical, engaging way. To create a platform for open dialogue and meaningful conversations on important but difficult topics the client corporation partnered with Culture Shift Team Inc., a leading DEI consulting firm to deliver a series called Courageous Conversations.


Culture Shift Team Inc. collaborated with the client corporation to design and facilitate a series of dialogue sessions aimed at promoting belonging and inclusion among employees. The dialogue series focused on creating a safe space for employees to share their perspectives and learn to listen and understand others' lived experiences.

  • Courageous Conversation Dialogue Series Design: Culture Shift Team Inc. worked closely with the client corporation to design the dialogue series, incorporating best practices for creating inclusive dialogue spaces and addressing contentious topics such as race, gender, privilege, and allyship.

  • Facilitation of Dialogue Sessions: Culture Shift Team Inc. led over 10 dialogue sessions with the client corporation nationwide, engaging employees from diverse backgrounds and levels of the organization in open and honest conversations. These sessions provided a platform for employees to share their perspectives, challenges, and experiences in a supportive environment.

Data Collection:

Each small group was polled to identify the topics that their group discussed and what actions the company could take to better support employees.

  • Feedback and Reflection: Following each dialogue session, participants were invited to provide feedback and reflect on their experiences. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, with many participants expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be heard and listened to.

Feedback from Participants:

One manager at the client corporation shared, "I am not a fan of DEI training, but this is the first time I have ever felt heard. Because I felt heard, I could listen to other people and their experiences." This sentiment was echoed by many participants who found the dialogue sessions to be transformative and impactful.

Progress and Outcomes:

The dialogue series led by Culture Shift Team Inc. has had a significant impact on fostering belonging and inclusion within the client corporation. By creating a space for open dialogue and authentic conversation, employees have gained a deeper understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences, leading to increased empathy, mutual respect, and collaboration across the organization.

Additionally, the dialogue series has empowered employees to speak their truths and share their experiences, creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture where all voices are valued and respected.


Through their partnership with Culture Shift Team Inc., the client corporation has made significant strides in advancing belonging and inclusion within their organization. By facilitating dialogue sessions that promote open communication and understanding, the client corporation has created a foundation for building a more inclusive and supportive workplace where all employees can thrive.

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