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CultureConnect Self-Paced Course: Mitigating Bias from Recruitment to Promotion



Price: $44.00

Duration: 45 Minutes

Bonus: Includes Free Course - DEIAB Defined

This interactive educational course is specifically designed for leaders to hone their skills in bias detection and mitigation. Using a real-world application approach, this series presents scenarios across the employee lifecycle in which different types of implicit bias are at play and asks learners about where bias influences decision-making.


Beyond strategies and tools, this course educates leaders on the crucial need to develop an organizational culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at all levels of the employee lifecycle.

Video Clip: Self-Paced DEI Course:

Mitigating Bias from Recruitment to Promotion with Robert L. Wilson

"The majority of inclusion challenges are head related, not heart related"
Robert Lawrence Wilson, DEI Education Practice Leader
DEI Online Training Course
Mitigating Bias from Recruitment to Promotion Includes These Six Sections: 
The Magnetism of an Inclusive Brand:
Learn how to build an inclusive brand for your pipeline by preparing leaders for bias-free interactions with potential employees.
Reducing Bias in Hiring Decisions:
Dive deep into strategies for reducing bias in hiring decisions and learn how your own application and interview process may be excluding top diverse talent.
Onboarding That Fosters Belonging on Day One:
Discover strategies for mitigating bias in your employee onboarding process from day one, increasing retention rates across each employee’s journey.
Check-Ins with Equitable Outcomes:
Navigate the middle part of the employee lifecycle, ensuring that regular evaluations and check-ins produce equitable outcomes that are free of bias.
Individualizing Employee Development:
Explore how personalized employee development strategies can help organizational leaders prevent bias as individuals progress in their careers.
Lifting Up Emerging Leaders Through Sponsorship:
Delve into mitigating bias in employee advancement programs, emphasizing the importance of going beyond mentorship to create a truly equitable employee lifecycle.

Each section addresses real-life scenarios, identifies potential types of bias at each level,

and provides actionable recommendations for mitigation.

Who Should Take Mitigating Bias in the Workplace Course?
  • People Leaders and Team Managers  

  • Recruiters and Human Resources Leaders

  • Senior Leadership Team 

  • Employees who represent the organization in a public capacity 

  • Employees involved in the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding, performance evaluation, and advancement processes and programs.

Is the course interactive?

Yes, the course is interactive and engages learners with scenarios and questions that prompt them to identify where bias influences decision-making.

Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes, the course is self-paced, allowing you to complete it at your convenience.

What if I have questions during the course?

Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have during the course. You can reach out to us via email ​or call us at (615) 606-2772. 

If you are interested in a subscription to the CultureConnect education platform, or if you would prefer customized eLearning, live training, or DEI strategic planning, please contact our DEI leaders at Culture Shift Team to discuss how we might help your organization reach its goals.

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