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Sarah Laney Korda

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Client Executive

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As a Client Executive at Culture Shift Team, Sarah Laney Korda uses her expertise in DEI education. As a neurodivergent lifelong learner, Sarah enjoys making content relevant, inclusive, and engaging for diverse professional audiences. With Culture Shift Team, she is able to leverage her experience in creating a data-informed dynamic instructional design to improve learning motivation and outcomes in corporate settings. Sarah is excited to contribute to the creation of an innovative, community-driven learning environment that encourages the exploration of diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts as an ongoing competency-building process for each learner.


Sarah is a “double ‘dore,” having earned a BS in Economics and Education as well as an M.Ed. in Leadership and Organizational Performance from Vanderbilt University. As part of her master’s program, Sarah studied and worked as a graduate consultant at the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia Law School, engaging in consulting projects centered on increasing equity in education. 


Sarah has been a Nashvillian since 2006 and has served as a founding advisory committee member for several nonprofits that seek to build awareness and advocacy for marginalized groups within the greater Nashville community. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys running, writing musical parodies, and playing with her two pitbulls, Annie and Betsy.

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