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Data Analysis of Opportunity & Latino Outreach Strategy
with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

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In 2017, Culture Shift Team Inc. (CST) worked with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee’s (GSMT) membership department to increase membership from Latino families.


In the first phase of work with Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, Culture Shift Team conducted a data analysis project to determine if Latino membership was on par with the demographics of the 30+ county membership area. Results showed membership under-indexed in the Latino community. Focus groups with members and non-members revealed that brand awareness of the 100-year-old Girl Scouts organization was not strong within the Latino community. 

CST helped the client develop a culture-driven strategy to build brand awareness, increase intentional community outreach, engage families, and share the value of membership in the Girl Scouts organization.

Action Plan

Culture Shift Team executed the following demographic research and community outreach plan:

Demographic Research

Demographic data analysis of a 15,000-member organization in comparison to the demographic profile of the organization’s 30-county membership area specifically on ethnic Latino identity. Findings indicated that rural counties in addition to urban areas should be expecting a steep increase in the number of young Latinas as a percentage of the entire youth population aged 4-18. Findings indicated the organization under-indexed with Latino members vs Latinos in the community.

Focus Groups

Conducted four focus groups, two sessions with members and two sessions with non-members. The themes identified through these sessions outlined the importance of culture-driven, rather than language-driven strategies for recruitment and membership retention. Particularly poignant were the themes that (a) there was very low brand awareness for Girl Scouts whose parents grew up in Latin America, and (b) the cultural expectation that the family, rather than the girl, is the member among first and second-generation Latino families.

Multicultural Lens Training

The presentation of data results was followed by training in the Multicultural Lens to provide a framework for strategic discussion for key leaders, the board of directors, and relevant staff. Staff outlined areas in their processes that needed flexibility and agility to be inclusive of the first-generation Latino culture. The organization designated an outreach team to build relationships with key influencers in the community. They also discussed key components to improving data collection and a membership dashboard to match strategic objectives.

New Latina Membership Manager Role

As per the request of the client, CST identified candidates for a new internal position, the client hired one of the proposed candidates as their new Latino Community Membership Manager.

Culturally Tailored Communication Tools

Communication tools were developed to culturally and linguistically capture interest and engagement from community leaders, potential members, and their families.


In 2019, CST supported the client by providing guidance on communication strategy and tools for all internal and external key stakeholders. Communication and outreach tools included video production and social media assets. The client completed a three-year strategic plan and looked to intentionally include Latino community outreach efforts for their next mid-term plan.

Contact CST for Hispanic & Latino Community Outreach Efforts

Are you seeking to engage with the Hispanic and Latino community in a meaningful and impactful way? Culture Shift Team (CST) specializes in developing tailored outreach strategies to effectively connect with diverse communities, including Hispanic and Latino populations.


With our expertise in demographic research, cultural understanding, and community engagement, CST can help your organization identify opportunities, develop targeted initiatives, and implement effective communication strategies to increase your organization's presence and impact within the Hispanic and Latino community.

Whether you're looking to improve brand awareness, increase membership, or enhance community relationships, CST is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your outreach goals and make a lasting difference in the Hispanic and Latino communities.

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Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee Latino Community Outreach Video
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