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Data-Driven Multicultural and Multilingual Education, Engagement and
Empowering Campaign for Metro Nashville Planning Department - NashvilleNEXT

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Goals: Educate. Engage. Empower.

NashvilleNext was the process to create a plan for the future of Nashville. The process gathered the ideas and input of people who cared about Nashville — from residents to business owners to commuting workers to city leaders — as well as experts of all backgrounds. The plan’s elements included art and culture, economic development, education, environment, transportation, diversity, livable communities, public safety, and more. The goal of NashvilleNext was to create a plan that will ensure the prosperity and well-being of the city and region for the next 25 years. In this, the success of NashvilleNext depended on community engagement.

The process was based on four pillars: 

1.     Efficient Government

2.     Economic Development

3.     Environment and 

4.     Equity. 


Our team was part of the public relations and community outreach team with MP&F Communications. Our tasks included:


  • Brand Ambassador Training and Management

  • Transcreations of Communications Pieces

  • Multicultural Community Outreach

  • Community Engagement

  • Event Planning/Community Meetings

  • Focus Groups

  • Public Relations

  • Media Relations

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