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Javier Arrieta

Marketing & RD Project Manager

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As CST’s marketing and RD project manager, Javier guides clients’ projects and is responsible for the development and overall quality of work produced by the marketing and creative departments. Javier’s 15-year business administration and graphic design background has allowed him to work with and manage many prominent companies in Middle Tennessee. While business management has been his main focus, Javier’s true passions are photography and graphic design.


He has been doing freelance graphic designing for 15 years and freelance photography for 20 years. Javier states that his love for the arts goes beyond the art itself, saying “Art is the unseen bridge between communities and culture. The creative thought is what ties us together as humans and it’s beautiful to know that no matter where I go, I can always find a fellow creator.” Javier grew up in Nashville and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.